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Auteur Sujet: An exclusive interview with Cody Lundin by Chris Noble.  (Lu 799 fois)

04 juillet 2014 à 14:12:30
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** Serge **

An opportunity recently presented itself to ask Dual Survival’s Cody Lundin for a formal interview of which he graciously accepted. Lundin is a professional survival instructor with over 25 years of experience. He has also worked within the television industry since the 1990’s both behind and in front of the camera. I hoped to learn more about Survival TV from his perspective, or as he later coined it, Survival Entertainment. I expected Cody to be honest; he always is, sometimes brutally. - Chris Noble.

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Chris Noble is the founder of and Woodsmoke Camping Company. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and has worked as a Registered Forester and Certified Burn Manager in several states. Chris is also a Wilderness First Responder. Since the late 90’s, he has been “practicing primitive” skills and taking lessons from several well-known Master Woodsmen from around the country.

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04 juillet 2014 à 15:29:47
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Merci Serge! :)

Au delà du reportage, le site en lui-même est une chouette découverte pour moi... :)

une mine d'infos!

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