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Auteur Sujet: Hemostatics: Myths, Lies, Facts, & Applications  (Lu 1139 fois)

11 octobre 2012 à 00:55:15
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** Serge **

This video, a continuation of the Blow-out Kit Basics video, is a re-shoot of the lecture block that Morgan Atwood and Ian Wendt presented at the Paul-E-Palooza conference back in August. We originally had intended to get video of the lecture itself, but we ran into some... Technical issues.
We attempt to cover the questions that we were asked at the conference by the attendees, and we also expand on the content to some degree. Primarily, we wish to address the multitude of misconceptions and bad information that is floating around the ether when it comes to the proper use and capabilities of the various hemostatic agents out there. These misconceptions are enduring and prevalent in all circles, not just among laymen, but certainly also with professionals that frankly should know better. At the end of this article you will find a listing of studies, which really only represent a small sampling of the available information that is out there.

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Ian Wendt & Morgan Atwood © 2012
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