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Titre: [lien] Utopia experiment
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The utopia experiment was an attempt to figure out how life in Britain will be affected by climate change and the end of cheap oil during the next few decades.

Between April and November 2007, volunteers of all ages and walks of life lived in a small community in the Scottish Highlands based on three main ideas:
LEARNING – each member had some area of skill or knowledge that they can teach to the others.
WORK – everyone had to contribute by working. 
TIME-LIMITED – this was not an attempt to found an ongoing community.  Volunteers stayed for up to three months.  The experiment lasted for nine months.
The volunteers pretended they were living in the future, informed by a detailed scenario.
The utopia experiment was planned and led by Dr Dylan Evans. It is hoped that the project will stimulate debate about the need for our society to adopt a more sustainable way of living. Information about the project will be disseminated by means of various media, including the internet, and a book that Dr Dylan Evans will write about the experiment.