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28 août 2016 à 12:39:39
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** Serge **

Greg Ellifritz wrote this about this clip : " Perception is reality in terms of criminal psychology. Watch the video of this seemingly random attack. A man chased down a woman and punched her numerous times. The only thing he said during the attack was "Say you're sorry".

There was an interesting study done in California a while back. It was reported in Michael Ghiglieri’s excellent book titled The Dark Side of Man. The researcher, David Luckenbill, studied all of the murderers in a California county over a 10-year period and asked them why they killed their victims. You would expect to see a variety of responses. You would be wrong. Every death row inmate interviewed listed one of only two reasons for killing….

- 34% said they killed because the victim challenged the killer’s authority

- 66% said they killed because the victim insulted them in some way

Like I said, the truth doesn’t really matter here. What matters is the criminal’s perception. If he perceives a challenge or an insult you are far more likely to be hurt or killed.

Marc Mac Young continues :

" What the article avoids looking at is: Benign version -- Just because you don't think you did anything wrong, doesn't mean the other person didn't perceive an insult or disrespect -- or that you didn't actually do it. Not-so- benign version -- When you intentionally do an insulting act or wrong to another person and you have your head so far up your ass you don't even notice that you did. These are the folks who scream victim loudest when there are negative repercussions ....oh say an educational beat down.

She says she doesn't know why she was attacked. While it's possible the guy is a nut job, she might be lying. She flipped him off, cut him off, or confronted him in some other way. Or she insulted him some way and wasn't even paying attention.

Which brings me to the next point

2: As I watched this, it looked like an educational beat down. Which makes it nothing special -- if it were two men. However, I also had to read that it was a woman because the sex of the victim isn't immediately clear in the video. That isn't the point, but it has to be known before the point is understandable. The point is deep in our subconsciousness there is the underlying assumption that you don't hit a woman as hard as you do a man. Despite all the talk about equality, this kind of 'equal treatment' is something that is appalling to most people.

The headline also promotes the unconscious assumption that unequal treatment is 'right.' Pay attention to this, subconscious assumptions pop up in the weirdest damned places. But when they don't it's even worse.

The something I'm working on is I'm starting to ask how many of our current problems arise from breaking tradition? Traditionally men and women treated each other radically different than they treated their same sex. We played nice when dealing with the other sex. but the gloves came off when men dealt with other men and women dealt with other women. I'm beginning to wonder how many problems 'equality' is causing because many people default into :

a ) women treating men like they would other women and
b ) men treating women like they would other men ?


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