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Auteur Sujet: Spotting predators, not being prey - Craig Douglas  (Lu 841 fois)

25 avril 2016 à 12:38:54
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** Serge **

What is your personal self-protection strategy?

In this show, we’re joined by Craig Douglas aka “SouthNarc”, an incredible teacher in the world of self protection with a background as an undercover narcotics agent and former commander of his agency’s SWAT team. Craig is here to talk to us about protecting ourselves against predatory violence using some of the most important tactics to have in your personal self-protection arsenal: situational awareness and verbal skills to de-escalate situations. He shares some fascinating insights on how to identify a “bad guy,” as well as his thoughts on weapon-carrying. I hope this podcast inspires you to develop a more robust self-protection strategy!

Always practice situational awareness!

Episode Breakdown:

    A bit about Craig’s work
    Technologically-connected, but physically-disconnected
    Craig’s time as an undercover police officer
    What is a “bad guy”?
    Museum martial art
    Situational awareness
    What to do when someone is too close
    Unequal initiative event
    Craig’s thoughts on weapon-carrying
    How to work with Craig
    Do you have the ability to keep someone from imposing their will on you?
"The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of your communication with yourself and others." - Anthony Robbins
"Communications without intelligence is noise; Intelligence without communications is irrelevant." ~ Gen. Alfred. M. Gray, USMC


Keep in mind

Bienveillance, n.f. : disposition affective d'une volonté qui vise le bien et le bonheur d'autrui. (Wikipedia).

« [...] ce qui devrait toujours nous éveiller quant à l'obligation de s'adresser à l'autre comme l'on voudrait que l'on s'adresse à nous :
avec bienveillance, curiosité et un appétit pour le dialogue et la réflexion que l'interlocuteur peut susciter. »

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