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Auteur Sujet: On blade to blade incounters  (Lu 1111 fois)

10 mai 2013 à 02:10:29
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Guys when reading this I understand most of you come from countries that blade carry in elligal so allot of this my not apply but if you live in a country where weapoins carry is common hope this gives you something to think about. ....

You hear all the time by those "In the KNOW" That "Knife fights" rarely happen that "knife attacks" happen. And that training for the knife on knife fight What they would call dueling is a waste of time and if your doing that well you just don't have any idea what real life blade work is truly about.

(Always wondered why you never hear "guns fights" never happen only "shootings"?)

This all sounds good on the surface but if you look into it a little deeper we see things aren't so black and white. First it is not at all surprising that there are way more knife attacks then knife fights. Out side of maybe your small circle of friends how many people in today's world carry a blade even for mundane cutting tasks. Of those people that do carry a blade how many of them are carrying for the purpose of self defense and have put the years of hard force on force training it takes to have the presence of mind to go to their blade and the skill to bring it into play. It certainly is true then that you are never going to be in a knife fight only a knife attack if you don't have a blade on you in the first place and the skills to bring it into play.
So For people in general this statement rings true.

I on the other hand am one of that small percentage that does have a blade on me ALWAYS and have put the 20 something years of hard force on force training to have the skills to bring my blade into play.Those years of force on force have taught me that the safest way to gain access to my blade is to create time and space to access it . So lets say I have been Attack with a blade and my reflexes and training and tactics have saved me and created just enough time and space to access my blade. Now I am in a blade on blade encountered that I had better have spent some time in training learning how to enter and exit cleanly from. No better way to get this then the timing and opportunity awareness you develop in sparring and dueling. As a knifer my goal is to turn the knife attack into a knife fight as my best way of surviving that encounter

10 mai 2013 à 11:39:32
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** Serge **

Randy, be sure that there's no purpose to outcast the inner quality of your recent posts.
Rather, our exchange in french was mentioning that, indeed, in this part of the world we'll probably face at first sight an asymetrical conflict : a person being attacked by an armed thug.

So, the first duty line of our main training will be based on facing the knife unarmed, on regaining time and space, on having the ability to stop or deflect the threath. For a few of us ( on concealed carry weapon, being a blade, a firearm or an impact tool ), it will also consist of deploying the weapon under stress. All this would still be an asymetrical conflict management.

Once the weapon deployed while being under attack, then only would it become a symetrical fight.
Of course, it could be that a trained man carrying could prefer to deploy preemptively while suspecting being targeting and soon being under attack. Strategically and tactically, it would be rather wise. Unfortunately, in western europe, you will be dead meat on a legal matter. Luckily, you'll survive the fight thanks to your training, your skills and your weapon, but you probably won't survive the legal aftermath fairly well.

So, it is a personal choice to be made and to be assumed. Here, on this forum, we don't judge these choices and prefer to explain and explore all the possibilities.

Many thanks again for your inputs and do know that we appreciate them at all times.
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10 mai 2013 à 13:01:00
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Thank you serge I agree with everything you have said Will try to post  later on my thoughts on accessing under pressure. I always enjoy posting here. I don't get to sit and post as often as I would like. Nok and I are helping rescue street dogs here in Thailand now and we own 11 Greman shepherds of our own so they keep me from having to much free time but I am making the effort to post when I can.


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