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Auteur Sujet: your training blade will limit or elevate your level of training  (Lu 910 fois)

09 mai 2013 à 03:47:10
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   It seems like every new generation of knifers discovers that they can make a trainer out of plastic or whittle one out of a piece of wood. If they stay with knifing long enough they will also hopfully discover that the tools they use will dictate the level of their training.

   Back when i started knifing trainers were hard to find most everyone made their own. I don't even want to think about how many times I had to stand across from a newbie that had a 2 pound splintered, pointed, piece of oak, that he had carved out the night before. Then he spends the next two days smacking me in the same spot on the elbow and jamming it into the same spot in my ribs. It felt like we were training hard and we had the wounds to prove it but in reality the tools we were using were dictating the level we were able to achieve in training.

Good luck smacking your partner in the face with that trainer or better still good luck to your partner getting smacked in the face with that. Are you going to throw hard shots to his body? A few times maybe till he says "hey take it easy" then the level of your training is going to drop from a level of realism to a level of comfort. You will stop throwing shots to the face and start throwing controlled shots to the body and your partner ( because he doesn't have the fear of getting hit in the face anymore ) changes the way he attacks. Soon although it still feels like you are training the whole dynamic has changed and no longer resembles a knife attack.

Now it all really depends on how you train if you training is just about waving your blade in the air then it really doesn't matter what you have in you hand. But if you are doing hard realistic force on force you need a trainer that allows you to do this the whole training session and still offers your partner a level of safety.

As far as having a trainer that looks just like your everyday carry I see nothing wrong with that. I do feel some get to obsessed with it though. They are usually the same guys that will tell you that during the adrenaline dump of an attack you are going to turn into and uncoordinated, all thumbs, no fine motor skilled Zombie. Well then if this is true, then your are not going to know the difference between your carry blade and a 10 pound hammer in your hand.

I've always been a what ever tool is at hand kind of guy. I don't think that having a trainer that is a few grams lighter or a handle that is a little different shape is going to diminish my skill level when it gets put to the test and i don't believe that having a trainer that is an exact copy of my carry blade is going to give me any more skill to survive. 

Better to have a trainer that allows me to do the task I'm asking it to do and if it happens to match my carry blade well then it's a win win AMOK! Randy Hodges


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