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Auteur Sujet: The Push-Up that Blasts Your Core - Dr. Mercola  (Lu 1613 fois)

08 mars 2013 à 23:43:41
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** Serge **

Porté à l'attention par le camarade John Brawn :

Push-ups are one of the oldest exercises in the books, but there’s a reason they have so much staying power. When performed correctly, they are one of the most effective and simplest exercises to build a strong upper body and midsection.

    The most recent research shows that relatively short bursts of intense exercise — even if done only a total of a few minutes each week — can deliver many of the health and fitness benefits you get from doing hours of conventional exercise. By doing just two or three 20-minute Peak Fitness workouts a week, you could see significant changes in important health indices.

    You don't need a gym to perform high-intensity interval exercise. It can be performed with virtually any type of exercise, with or without equipment. You can just as easily perform interval training by walking or running outdoors as you can using a recumbent bike or an elliptical machine. You can add in push-ups to your high-intensity routine, specifically:

        * Plyometric push-ups: Once your sternum touches the floor, hold your position and breathe for about three seconds, then perform an explosive push upward.
        * Three minutes of push-ups: It's quite simply, how many push-ups can you do in three minutes? You need to have good technique, good form and a strategy. If you go all out you'll lose your energy and likely won't last for three minutes. So go at a pace of about 80 percent of your total ability, and when you can't go any further, rest for 20-30 seconds, stretch and then resume.
        * The handstand push-up (highly advanced): Facing a wall, place your hands at a 45-degree angle about one to two hand-lengths from the wall. Kick your legs up. You can use the wall to stabilize you as you perform the push-up. Breathe in as you lower yourself to the floor, and breathe out as you push yourself up.

    Push-ups, whether performed traditionally, in reverse or using any of the other techniques described above, are a simple way to add tremendous core-building benefits to your comprehensive fitness routine.
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09 mars 2013 à 02:30:50
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Intéressant de voir que l'article rejoint beaucoup l'étude de Tabata où comment le travail à haut régime sur de courte période apporterait un bénéfice plus grand que de longue séance à un rythme plus faible.
Mais l'apport essentiel de cette article semble être au niveau du gain de cette pratique. Là où la méthode Tabata semble se borner à une augmentation de VO2max, ici on parle d'amélioration globale.
D'ailleurs c'est aussi une faiblesse, qu'entend t'on par "strong body" ? "significant changes in important health indices" ? "tremendous core-building benefits" ?
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